Frequently Asked Questions

What is a “prototype based” model railroad?
This means we specialize in model railroads that attempt to represent real railroads during a specific period and location.  (Marion, Iowa circa 1955-1960)  This would include appropriate equipment, paint and weathering. We can even help you set up operating schemes with car-cards and switch lists.
Do I have to be prototype based?
Not at all. However, having some kind of era or location as a reference creates a more believable model railroad.  Consider ideas like what sparked your interest in railroads, or if you could create a time machine to take you somewhere in time, where would that be?  Ideas like that are great for creating the essence of your model railroad.
Can you use my current equipment?
Of course! Sometime upgrades to wheels, couplers, DCC decoders etc, may be necessary for optimum reliability and performance.
How much will this cost?
Building a railroad individually tailored to your needs requires detailed discussions.  There are many factors that affect costs including size, finishing level, your participation, etc.  We are happy to work with our clients to meet your budget and setting up a payment plan.
Can I help build the layout?
We can build it for you, or you can assist in any part of the building of your dream layout.  Helping with your layout construction is an amazing way to learn more about the hobby and increase your overall railroad knowledge.
What scale should I build in?
This is a loaded question.  Consider the level of detail, operational interests, and space you have available.  We will work in any scale including N, HO, S, O, Hi-rail, and G.
How long will it take to build my layout?
This would depend on the size and level of detail of your railroad empire.
Do you have any “ready made” layouts?
No, everyone has different space allotments and interests.  Occasionally I will know of people who are selling their layout, but we do not "stock" any railroad layouts.
Do you build on site?
Building on site is our preferred method of construction.  It allows our clients to have hands-on participation.  However, we can build off site and deliver to you
Do you buy and sell layouts?
In most cases existing layouts would be difficult to remove and salvage except for small scenic areas, buildings and equipment.  If you have a layout to sell, we can discuss various options.  Contact us for further information.
Can you remove my current layout?
We can remove layouts - typically for estates or to make room for a new layout design.
How can I get started?
We are so glad you asked.

Call or CLICK on "Contact us" above on this page to arrange an initial visit. 
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